Lord Ganesha’s Birthday

Lord Ganesha’s form is highly charming and mesmerizing. The cute little chubby boy like body with an elephant head has devotion and love in hearts of millions down the history.

The huge belly of Lord Ganesha symbolizes the created universe. The elephant head is the symbol of wisdom, understanding and a discrimination intellect that one must posses to attain perfection in life. The large ears signify that a perfect person is the one who possesses a great capacity to listen others and assimilate ideas.

Why Lord Ganesha has the mouse as his vehicle? The mouse represents ego. Lord Ganesha using the mouse represents the need to control ego.

In India Ganesha is called Ganpati and is the most popular deity in India.

In Thailand, Ganesha is called Phra Phikanet (พระพิฆเนศ) or Phra Phikanesuan (พระพิฆเนศวร) .

Some photos of Lord Ganesha at my house.

The Journey Begins

Hello everyone!

I am so glad to be a part of TCN family.

Each day is a new opportunity and every little step will help us reach new horizons!!

Today is the right time to learn new things and master our skills.

Read a book, write a note, sing a song or speak out loud. Try to do fun things and also things that you fear. Overcome your hesitation and you will discover a new strength within you.

All the best!!!